Hello, My name is Sebastien



Sebastien was born with Sickle cell disease. At the age of 3, he had a stroke that led to monthly blood transfusions and eventually an iron overload. Due to his stroke, he was eligible for a transplant. At the age of 5, he received a haploid transplant at the at Saint Jude hospital. He accepted his father’s cells; however, a virus ate the donor cells. Therefore, his sickle cells were inserted back in his body.


His second transplant at Miami Children Hospital was bone morrow from an unrelated donor. Following his transplant, he had blood in his urine, which led to a medication to prevent kidney stones. He also developed respiratory symptoms and as a result has been on medication for it.  Besides the physical aspects, he dealt with educational and emotional challenges. As parents, we made Sebastien repeat the first grade due to being home and not having a strong educational base.


He is now 14 years old, is 7 years post transplant and is stable. He has accepted 100% of his unrelated donor cells. He no longer has sickle cell. At this time, he is a vibrant individual who attends school, play basketball and soccer and enjoys interacting with others. Sebastien is an example of hope through perseverance, education, awareness and mental health.