Meet June 

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My daughter June was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Me and my wife were shell shocked. This concept was foreign to us because it wasn’t in our history. Doctors directed my wife and I to EGL for further resources and testing. Dr. Ronald Blackston, Clinical Geneticist at Emory, provided my family additional counseling, instruction and support.


Six months after being born, June was in speech therapy. We had no involvement with disabilities or any related issue. We began reading up on what to do to help a child with Down syndrome succeed.Though admittedly novice, we quickly became experts and found comfort in knowing, June’s diagnosis didn’t exclude her from life’s pleasantries or daily activities.


We learned not to expect less from June and to involve her with her siblings. EGL got us on track and advised us on how to move forward. With the continued desire to grow my family, my wife and I had 4 more daughters, Julie, Jackie, Jill, and Jamie after receiving further testing from EGL that yielded very low probability of variants. This journey has been a success. June is a Special Olympics Gold Medalist who has worked as a bagger at Kroger for seven years.



Emory Morsberger, wife Janet, and June enjoying Los Angeles