EGL Genetics is partnering with Aware Of Angels as we are both advocates for children who have genetic, rare or undiagnosed disorders. AOA captures children through beautiful imagery providing families with visual, precious moments. It is our hope to continue to spread global awareness by sharing their stories and images.
Taylor is a fun loving three-year-old who adores his siblings and lights up when they are near! Taylor was diagnosed with 12q14.1 microdeletion syndrome (includes 55 genes and they only know what 2 of them do.)  He is missing the growth gene and the family is now working diligently to get insurance to cover growth hormone therapy in the hope that it will help with his muscle tone.
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  • “My Beautiful CHILD” is a collection of personal photos and narratives, celebrating real children and families leading lives a little different than others. The program seeks to connect those impacted by genetic disorders seen in children, share information and resources, and promote a sense of positive community. This is made possible by children, their families, caregivers, and clinicians; advocates; and others in the medical and scientific community coming together to reestablish a fundamental message: every child is a beautiful child.

    We invite you to join our online community by submitting your pictures and story to the right, or simply by reading more about beautiful children like Remie. Each month, we will spotlight new families and provides resources to further network and educate the community. There is strength in numbers and while genetic disorders may be individually rare, those impacted should never feel alone. 

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